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Random Dionysian Fandom Chick

what happens when artsy elven princess meets fangirl knitter

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Not a lot to say... I'm 32, a female, bi, married, poly, pagan(Judeo-Hellenic Christo-pagan to be precise.) Stories are my real passion - television, books, movies, song... I don't care. I just love them.

Genetically, I’m solid southern American/Celtic stock. Socially, I consider myself a liberal, crunchy/organic and a locavore, though I'm not horribly rabid about it. Religiously, I'm all over the map (see above). Creatively, I’m a knitter, designer, writer, artist, and crafter of many forms. (Except tatting. I'm terrible at tatting.) I'm a decent musician, but a little rusty. I love mathematics, anthropology, and pop culture studies in literature, but I don't have a degree in any of those things. I’m Dionysian, and sometimes better known as a “pusher” of many fannish things – but it’s all semantics, a fangirl in too many fandoms to count, a web geek, fic writer, and ‘shipper. What I’d really love to be doing is creating, writing, and all kinds of artwork, but to pay the bills I work in customer service. My favorite times are sitting around with my family and/or my friends and talking or watching TV and movies while knitting or writing.

I'm the co-Municipal Liasion for National Novel Writing Month in my local community along with the lovely kadollan. (I'm CyberMathWitch there, too.)

You can find my fic from multiple fandoms at awfully_clever and AO3. kadollan and I have a fic rec journal over at ficpeddlers. We update in bursts as fandom moves us.

My online "scrapbook" is a Digital Scrapbook of Fandom at Tumblr. (I'm kind of terrible at Tumblr and don't update regularly.)

I talk about more religious and mundane issues at my blogger. (I've decided in the interests of sanity to just post the lot of it here for the time being.)

Some of my knitting is journaled there, but more of it is on Ravelry.

Most of my daily ramblings are on Google+. If you're not seeing my posts there and would like to, please email me at cybermathwitch (at) gmail (dot) com. It's mostly boring day-to-day stuff or silly random thoughts for my immediate family's benefit.

Technically? I have a twitter, but I never actively use it. It mostly just broadcasts when I've posted other places. That could change at any point in time, though. I'm CyberMathWitch there, I know you're terribly surprised.

P.S. my interests list is horribly un-edited. I'm a bit OCD and the randomness and trying to think of ALL THE THINGS tends to make me crazy-cakes.

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