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Moving Day

I'm moving. (From Livejournal, I mean.) I have no plans to take down any of the information or posts here, my fic and other work isn't going anywhere, but all future updates on just about anything will now be over here (cybermathwitch on blogspot/blogger). I hope to see you there!

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Dear Yuletide Author (2014)

First, thank you, thank you, thank you for writing for me this year. :D

This letter is mostly to help give you ideas of what I see/think about the fandoms I've chosen - I know I always find these kinds of things useful, but I know your mileage may vary, and that's okay, too. There are only a few things I would absolutely, positively not want to recieve (my fic hard limits, if you will) - other than that, if the story that you feel like you have to tell is something different than what I've mentioned below, that's okay with me, I'll love it anyway.

Also, any rating you'd like to write is ok with me.

The things that really squick me and I would prefer were not included are chan, mpreg, relationships that hinge on age differences like caretaker/child etc., and any underage sexual activity is right out (although teenagers snogging other teenagers is fine). I'm not a huge fan of character death, either, or of bad things happening followed by bad things happening with a side of "things to make our characters suicidally depressed". Hurt/comfort is fine, so long as there's comfort to make up for the hurt, you know? Dub con is fine, non con depends entirely on how it's handled. I can't handle torture pr0n, basically.

In general what I like in fic is 'shippy stuff, particularly witty banter, and I have a particular love of thick and heavy UST (depending on the couple, and how much that fits their personality, of course.) My biggest sticking point is that characters be in character or have good, well thought out reasons *not* to be in character. ::g:: I enjoy chosen family and team-as-family stories, and stories that explore the character dynamics of a couple or group.

More particularly (thoughts and suggestions you are free to include or not as it moves you):

Reign: (spoilers for season 1)

If we've matched on Reign, I cannot begin to tell you how excited I'll be! (It's one of my big current obsessions.) So, when the subject of Lola's pregnancy came up, prior to Henry's crazy-cakes wedding between Bash and Kenna, I had this headcanon where Bash and Lola get closer, and all the subtext between Lola and Mary is really more text, and they all kind of band together as a foursome (which could be either emotionally, politically, and/or romantically). I ship Mary/Lola, Mary/Francis, Mary/Bash and Lola/Bash individually, and think that Francis/Lola has the potential to be sweet and awesome, too. (I grant you that there's no real text at this point between Bash/Lola, but they seem like they'd have some great chemistry, too.) So I'd love OT4 fic, but just Mary/Lola fic would be fine, or some other combination there-of. Feel free to ignore the end of season 1 and season two if you'd like, or if it's just Mary/Lola fic, the two of them raising the baby would be awesome as well.

Witches of East End:

Wendy is my favorite. That said, I love the relationship between Wendy and Joanna (I've only seen season 1 thus far, though). I also love stories that look at Wendy's role in Freya and Ingrid's lives past. So sisters-being-awesome, or Wendy-being-mom-to-the-girls (I have a headcanon where at least one life involved Joanna Not Coping Well with their previous death and Wendy being the primary care-giver for awhile), or so forth would be fantastic, but any Wendy-being-awesome is good too.

New Mutants:

Illyana is my favorite, so most anything about her would be fabulous. I 'ship Dani/Rahne, but could also be very happy with Dani/Illyana, or Illyana/Rahne (so long as it's overall positive and not deceptive/abusive) or trio fic of the three of them. I'm mostly familiar with the original New Mutants comic, I haven't read the more recent reboots, unfortunately. If they're still teenagers though, please keep the content at most PG-13 as mentioned above? Or gen, or what have you.

If you just want to focus on Illyana, I'd be totally okay with Illyana/Kitty fic, as well, either romantic or just deep friendship.


I've read quite a bit of Maleficent/Diaval fic, and am really drawn to their dynamic. I particularly like magical realism AUs, so long as they're in character. I like the blend of devoted subject and irreverent "I'm the one who'll tell you things bluntly" that Diaval seems to have with her - I like to think he's part of what keeps her from turning completely cold. I also love the two of them as Aurora's surrogate parents, so including her would be fantastic, but not by any means necessary. The two of them are a nice study in contrasts, which is one of my favorite things in a pairing.

Haven (Duke/Audrey): (warning, spoilers for Haven early season 4)

I think my favorite moment in Haven may be when Audrey comes back in season four, and it's the moment that she realizes that Duke has realized that she's really still Audrey, and they just hold onto each other. I'm a huge Duke/Audrey 'shipper. I used to really like Nathan, but I don't like what's been done with his character in seasons 3 and 4, and I can't wrap my brain around Audrey being at all okay with the way he's been about things. I wish season 4 had taken it's time a bit and played with the idea of Duke and Audrey being the only two who knew who she really was, and were trying to deal with that (and getting closer) without Nathan knowing. I like Jennifer just fine, I just don't really "get" her and Duke together per se.

So, anything (either before or during early season 4) that explores Duke and Audrey's relationship, being one another's rock, understanding the hard things they each have to do sometimes in dealing with the Troubles, and so on. As I said, I'm a huge 'shipper of these two, and would love anything from just character work (of either or together) to something closer to PWP. :D

Again, thank you so, so much for doing this! :D

-- K/CMW

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Title: The Breaking Light (1/?)
Author/Artist: Koren M. (cybermathwitch)
Disclaimer: Not mine, as per usual. Characters are Marvel and Beacham and DelToro. Lyrics are Vienna Teng.
Pairing: Clint/Natasha, Jane/Thor, Tony&Bruce (see notes)
Rating: Adult, 17+
Warnings: brief references to suicide, general canon-typical violence/badness/etc.
Spoilers: n/a
Type: Pacific Rim AU (fusion)
Word Count: 4031
"What we're trying to say is, everyone here? We're all screwed up. We're all valuable, and we're all damaged goods as far as the rest of the program, hell, the rest of the world is concerned. But we're too valuable to throw away. So whatever it is you did, or whatever's wrong with you, it doesn't matter here." He stuck out a hand. "Let's start over. Tony Stark, resident engineering and computer genius. You must be Barton."

Author's Notes:
Yes, there really is a Jarvis Island in the Pacific Ocean. No, it's probably not possible to build even a small Shatterdome there. Call it poetic license.
Please forgive me: a. for this being unbeta'd. (There's a reason it's not up on AO3 yet.) b. for this being a work in progress. I actually do have the endgame already planned, I promise. c. for any errors or inconsistencies with the Pacific Rim canon or timeline. I tried my best to slot it in without jacking up either the story or the movie canon too much. I hope.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to sweetwatersong for turning what originally was a vague musing and general interest in Pacific Rim into a rabid thing with sharp teeth that demanded to be written, and thank you for "doodling" all over it and making it better. ;)

Bruce and Tony can be read as either gen BFFs or as background/pre-shippy. They're being contrary, vague brats and haven't deigned to tell me which they want it to be.

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