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Random question - if I started posting fandom (and everything else) content on a different blogging platform and just updated with links to that blog here, would anyone be likely to click through and still read it?

I'm still beating my head against the wall of "should I stay or should I go?"-ness and trying to figure out the best way to get back into blogging. Obvs. my attempts so far this summer have been less than stellar ::frowns:: I know that I don't want to try to juggle more than one blog - I want whatever content I post (be it fic, fandom thoughts, introspection, or knitting) to be in one place. But I also don't want to alienate or make things more difficult on the people I know (think?) are already reading my stuff. (And for various reasons, Tumblr is SO VERY MUCH not an option for me.

Poll #2020208 Stay? Go? Link-y?

Magic Eight-Ball Says...

Just stay on LJ
Go to another platform but post links to those entries here
Another option I haven't thought of (elaborate in comments, pls)
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Weekly Chicken #1

In theory, I've done these before on another blog, but as this is a new start, and the first time I've attempted a Chicken here on LJ, I'm starting at #1. I'm working with my own set of review questions, which are definitely a work in progress and liable to change over time. See Havi's posts at The Fluent Self for the origin of the term "Weekly Chicken".)

Weekly Planning
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What were the highlights of the week/what am I grateful for?
SENSE8. GRACE & FRANKIE. NETFLIX MAKES ART, PEOPLE! (seriously, if you're not watching these shows, you absolutely should do so, asap. There are links to trailers below, which are great, but don't even begin to touch on how awesome these stories are.
Getting to spend time w/ Brian in the evenings.
Chatting w/ my BFFs and my Co-Pilot all week. Sometimes it's the little things that can turn your whole day around, and I'm extremely grateful for our modern, connected world.
Fic Updates (see below for specifics)
Getting compliments on my completed socks on instagram from the designer, and my pic getting used on the main pattern page on Ravelry.

Also, this:

This Week's Links / Fandom Musings / Creative/Created Things

The Light Bulb Critical thinking in regards to media and storytelling done right. An excellent, excellent podcast by funny, engaging hosts about all aspects of story and fandom. I ran through several episodes this week, all of them were absolute gold.

Rachel & Miles X-Plain the X-Men: This week, a look at the Mojo-verse and subtext. ;) Excellent as always, and what gets me out the door and into my car on Monday mornings.

All fic is from AO3 unless otherwise noted. I don't get out much.

Change Can Do A Soul Good by AndreaLyn (One year later, Hernando and Lito visit San Francisco to attend Pride and to meet Nomi in person.) Rated M/NSFW, Lito/Hernando and Nomi/Amanita (mild spoilers)

Delicacies of the Soul by AndreaLyn (Hernando plans the menu for their wedding meticulously and with great devotion to all the parts that make up Lito's new world.) Rated T, Lito/Hernando, mentions of Riley/Will (mild spoilers)

us, yesterday, apart, in the twilight by eudaimon (In Berlin, in Bombay, he is watching her dance. Kala and Wolfgang move closer. It's inevitable, really.) Rated E/NSFW, Kala/Wolfgang (mild spoilers)

nor need we power or splendor by shellybelle (C/L/N epic of backstory and going forward from here) Rated M/NSFW, (major spoilers for Age of Ultron)

Jurassic World
A Little Bit of Trouble by karategal (His front door had a hole in it.
Owen had a feeling that he knew who was responsible for it, but that didn't change the fact that his door had a dog-sized hole in it. Not to mention the busted window and shredded couch on his porch. You know, this was what happened to your personal property when you became a father-figure to four naughty, misbehaving, and ridiculously intelligent Velociraptors.)
Rated T, (no real spoilers / canon-divergent)

Sense8 (Season 1) - Netflix
Beautiful concept trailer:

General overview trailer:

Character Trailers (the voice-over and title cards are a little repetitive, because it's a stitched-together cut of all 8 of the individual character trailers, but it's a fantastic overview of who everyone is to get your interest piqued.):

8Tracks Playlists:
Riley Blue [1/8]
Will Gorski [6/8]
Nomi Marks [7/8]
Kala Dandekar [8/8]
all by Madonna Fiammetta who makes fantastic lists!

Grace & Frankie (Season 1) - Netflix

X-Files (Season 1: "Pilot", "Deep Throat", "Squeeze", "Conduit", "The Jersey Devil", "Shadows", "Ghost in the Machine", "Ice", "Space", "Fallen Angel", "Eve", "Fire", "Beyond the Sea")

Things I Made (knitting, art, writing, etc)
I finished my aforementioned Strie socks from Lara Neel's Sock Architecture in Knit Picks Stroll "Sapphire Heather":

I started "Therapy" by Laura Aylor in Dragonfly Fiber's Dance Rustic Silk in "That Ol' Chestnut" and "Cognac":

I started working on CampNaNo July 2015, likely focusing on the C/L/N soul bond AU (possibly with some Nat&Tony thrown in). My focus this time is getting back in the rhythm and habit of writing more than finishing a concrete story.

And Finally...
Fourth of July was observed last weekend due to remodeling (flooring and painting) happening at the Burrow. Instead of directly observing the Fourth, I spent the weekend attempting to rest and relax (with varying success). I did listen to the annual reading of the Declaration of Independence, though. (It makes me cry, every time.)
And also some notes on the language therein.
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I'm still getting my Sunday morning house in order (a combination of physical housework - ugh - and planning and digital organizing), but I realized I hadn't, once again, touched this journal since the last kind of mind-dump post a few weeks ago. One of my long-term goals is to blog again, and I've been thinking a lot lately about what shape that should take, and why I want to do it. There's a list of reasons, but at the top are variations on the theme of connecting with other people (some of my very best friends are far away from me, so thank g-d for technology), and wanting to be aware of my life, rather than just sleepwalking through it. I've always been crap at keeping a more traditional journal, I need the outside "accountability" (if you will) of knowing I'm writing to someone else, even if I don't know who that someone else necessarily is, in order to express my thoughts.

I googled NaBloPoMo (a variation on the idea behind NaNoWriMo, which has always worked wonders for me) and found out that BlogHer runs it every month. Boom, there you go. Bonus round? July's theme is "Connect". Excellent.

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Because Because Because

Because this might be my favorite meme (ever):

Pick any passage of 500 words or less from any fanfic I’ve written, and comment to this post with that selection. I will then give you the equivalent of a DVD commentary on that snippet: what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it in the first place, what’s going on in the character’s heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the rest of the fic, lots of awful puns, and anything else that you’d expect to find on a DVD commentary track.

Fic is at AO3.
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What Do Your Days Taste Like?

Thanks to rereading Havi's post about how Friday Chickens were born, I stumble across this question: what are the identities (qualities/meanings) of each day of the week? By which I'm asking what does each day do? What's it like? What purpose does it serve in my week, but also what happens and what needs to be accomplished and what color is it and how does it feel? What music or media goes with it? How do I tell myself "this is Monday" or "this is Wednesday" or whatever?

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you go through the day, and you would swear up, down, and sideways that it was Wednesday? And keep running into the unpleasant realization that nope, it's totally Tuesday? That's the kind of thing I mean. It's also a little bit (more than a little bit) about trying to get a better handle on organizing my time so that I'm using it as effectively as possible, which has all of a sudden become a big, huge Thing for me. And, well, I'm addicted to rituals and routines. As a kid, my family was incredibly, absolutely predictable, down to the ground. So. Much. Routine.

I miss that. I have routines now, too, but they're a little harder for me. It's usually me, myself, or me and one person here, and a different person there, trying to hold onto repetitive movement. Work is static (thank G-d, trust me, I don't do well in changing-shift jobs) but it's up to me alone to define the shape of the time away from work. My husband has an entirely different schedule and set of activities and priorities than I do. And I'm not an alpha personality, folks. It's really difficult and exhausting for me to be the engine of direction, I do much better when I'm spinning my own little circles within the track someone else is carving through time or space (which would also be why I can go and do really well in Barre and Yoga classes but tell me to do the same damn thing at home with a video to guide me? Not gonna happen. There will be something shiny and I will wander away. Also, I want to please/impress my teachers in a class, but the guy/girl in the video could care less about how well I'm following along.)

I'm going to try to ponder on this all week (which may or may not end up as posts as I go, or it could just be a single post next Sunday) and see what I come up with.

But in the meantime, what do your days taste like, or are you completely routine phobic or a routine abstainer (courteously!)?
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Yeahhhh... about that move...

So, blogger never happened. I'm sure you're all completely shocked. (Whoever "you" are at this point because I have no idea who is or is not still reading this thing.)

I supposed the moral of the story is, if it ain't broke, don't fix it?

Because I really, really Need to get back to blogging again. Whatever has been the matter with me for the last couple of years, a jammed up fifth chakra tops the list, and the more I closed off and closed up and stopped expressing myself, the worse that got. (Go figure.) And I've gotten so scared of fandom in the last few years because I hate conflict (I really, really do) and I worried so much about how people would react to what I thought and felt and said and wrote... or if they'd care, and none of that is useful. It's not healthy.

So, fine. Fine, it's fine, and we'll go back to where we started from and what works and what feels right and maybe stop trying to censor so much. (Well, okay, at work. Best not to be too much more open than you already are at work, not that it's not glaringly obvious to anyone walking by your desk that you're a geek, right?)

If I stop blogging again? Somebody hit me really hard in the head, okay? Right? Yes, good.

Fic and AoU thoughts to follow, eventually, hopefully this weekend.